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Enjoy Your Last Month



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Golden Retrievers are considered one of the most trainable, versatile dogs in the U.S.. They can excel in areas like therapy, agility, obedience, dock diving, shows, hunting trials...etc., but they are best known as being the friendly all American Family PET!

At Seasons Gold, we strive to raise puppies that have the best temperaments and health possible. All the parents a cleared by OFA and Paw print genetics with recommended testing. It is our goal to produce puppies that don't create problems for themselves or their families.

Good breeding and genetics can take some of the guesswork out of it, but then there is GOD!   When it comes to mother nature, there are no guarantees. We do what we can. There are too many dogs waiting for homes in the animal shelters to breed dogs without the purpose of improving chances of a happy healthy life for them and their generations to come. 


We have been owning and raising Golden retrievers since 1989. It is a lifetime passion for us!

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