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Young Prospects

I raise a lot of pups who never make it as breeding dogs. They have to go through several stages of  health and temperament  tests before being added to the breeding program. Some hereditary  issues that may cause them to be placed are... excessive barking, aggression, skin allergies, chronic ear problems, fertility problems, too much energy, and of course any of the health clearances that they don't pass.  These girls have not made it into the breeding program yet. All of my dogs will eventually go to pet homes if I find the right fit for them.  Some just go sooner than others. These are not for sale now.

Dijon Pic.jpg


Parlor 1y running.jpg


Floral 1y.jpg
Cantata w toy.jpg


Denali 1 y.jpg



Carmelle, Aruba, Abilene.jpg
Carmelle,  Aruba, and Abilene
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