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The Seasons Gold Process for getting a puppy

Read over this page before sending your deposit.
You need to call when you are close to wanting to visit, because I can't schedule appointments too far in advance due to my dogs being my priority and things come up with them. 
That being said, always text before leaving to come for your visit.
The wait time can be 0- 6 months for one of my puppies, and usually depends on how picky you are about what you are looking for and when my pups are born.


Sending your deposit and Picking order
To get on the waiting list, you need to send $300 deposits written out to

Kary Love at.....
8140 Robinson Church Rd
Harrisburg, NC 28075

*  Include your contact info and puppy preferences
when you send your deposit

Total Cost $2500 unless they are Champion sired, in which case they are $3000 ... (The puppies will be sold at whatever the current price is when you come. You can get a refund up to 2 years after putting down your deposit if your plans change) 

You need to keep in touch, because if I have tried to contact you for years with no response, you will lose your chance to get a refund. 
Initials with preference -
(If it says
waiting by your initials, you need to call
me when you are ready)

**This waiting list is all the information I have on who is above you in the picking order.  If litters have not been born yet, or have not been checked out by the vet to make sure they are healthy, I have no idea how many are going to be available when it is your turn to pick.  You can get an idea by seeing how many pups each dog has and looking at where you stand on this list. The rest is up to mother nature.

When I text you, it is up to you to get out here if you want to reserve your puppy and picking number. I can not make everyone wait on you.  Make sure you send a phone number that gets texts or that you answer.    

 I will not keep your deposit if I do not have what you want.  I reserve the right at anytime to return a deposit if I feel that you are not a good fit for one of my puppies or them for you. My deposits are refundable up to 2 years after putting it down. If I have made several attempts to contact you with no response, your deposit may become inactive. I will not contact you again if I don't hear from you may lose your deposit.  Please keep in touch if you have not been hearing from me in over 4 months.

There is a chemistry between people and their dogs, just like the chemistry you have with your best friend, and I feel that chemistry is an important part of picking a puppy. Picking from a picture is like picking your spouse on the internet and never meeting them. I believe it is best for you to meet the parents & the puppies in their home environment anyway. :)

*All puppies must be picked up at our farm due to national regulations on internet sales. Please make plans and arrangements before sending a deposit . 

Waiting List

(Those marked in Red are not ready yet)

Updated 11/28/23

1)RH girl Waiting

2)MB Girl Waiting

3) J&D  Waiting

4)ES waiting 

5) AD fall 24?

6) LM & KR Waiting

7)GM Girl waiting

8) G&CB Girl Waiting late 24

9)B&NB  Summer 24 girl

10) E&HB 


12) LW  girl

13) LB Waiting Igloo pup?

14)MW&GL Girl


16) T&MS summer 24

17)EC Spring 24

18) M&WB 

19) M&LH Late summer

20)MB & DE ?

21)SK Girl

22)L&AL Boy

23)WC Girl ?

24) T&ZB boy

25) AP waiting

26) EG & LP Boy Fall 24

27)D&JG waiting

28)H&CA 2024 waiting

29)JS girl 

30) LG&AC Girl

31) J&MC

32) EA&KS Girl

33) DD calm boy

34) MK boy calm

35) BK boy (Chapel?)

36)BG girl mid feb

37) A&JG 

38)BQ girl

39)M&LL After Feb 

40) JS show boy

41) C&JR boy

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