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Golden Retriever Info

What is your favorite color?
AKC American bred goldens come in 3 basic shades of gold....
Dark Gold, Gold, and
Light gold.
Many litters will have more then
one shade and can throw all colors


                      DO YOUR HOMEWORK! 

Getting checked by a vet does not mean the parents have health clearances.  If a breeder says their dogs have health clearances, get their registered names and look them up on OFAs website. Goldens should have hip, heart, elbow, and eye clearances at a minimum. Don't pay a high price for a puppy without this behind them.  If you want to gamble on a puppy, there are many nice unwanted puppies in the pound.  Whatever breed you are looking for, you can find out what clearances should be done on the parents before breeding by looking on OFAs website.

There are links by my dog's pedigrees with their health clearances next to each dog in my breeding program.  Click on the set of numbers next to each clearance and it takes you to OFAs website. - This website has made it
so much easier for breeders and pet buyers to research bloodlines and health clearances.  
All breeds should have something like this.  I believe it is why our breed is getting a handle on some of the health issues that used to be so unavoidable in the breed.

Paw Print  DNA Panels- There are some
issues listed on K9data that you have to have 2 carriers to throw.  If one parent is clear then you don't have to worry about throwing it.  

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