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 Salon X Buck 
Born July 13, 2022,    6 weeks on Aug 24
2 boys and 4 girls

Buck stack.jpg
Salons w celiasextra.jpg

Salon is fostering 2 of Celia's 12


Celia NB.jpg
Celianb mom.jpg

Celia X Harbor

3 boys and 9 girls
Born July 19,2022
6 weeks on Aug 30

Celia nb in basket.jpg
Harbor 8y.jfif

Harbor says having 12 babies is exhausting.   :)

Upcoming possibilities-


LuLu X Ozark

Due in Sept 

Zodie X Harbor

Due in Sept 

Pastel X Chaplain

Due in Sept 

Kazoo X Chaplain

Due in Sept 



Keendog girls.jpg

Watch for these puppy prodigy projects and their videos at Keendog

Oshie's family came from California to get him a sister.  Such a cute video of "Picking Gordie!"

Heading 3

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