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Available girl

Celestepup with em.jpg

New Years puppy:

(Their birthday will be in 2022, but half the litter was officially born in 2023!)


Celeste X Harbor

Born Dec 31, 2022

 Vet cleared

With Trainer

-Sleeps in crate overnight, 

-walks on leash 

-Loves the ball 

Her cost is $2500 for me, plus training cost which will depend on how long she is there.

Can call trainer for more info

704 648 3892


Tanzi pup in house.jpg

Tanzi X Burnie

Born 1/21/23

Darker colored girl available

Vet cleared

Tanzi pup dark.jpg


Champion sired girl available out Button

Born January 7,2023

Vet cleared

Button pup 9 weeks.jpg


Puppy Expectations:

HEALTH CLEARED PUPPIES - Our dogs do not go into our breeding program without getting their OFA clearances on hips, elbows, eyes and hearts. Those are the clearances recommended for Golden Retrievers by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, who sets the standard for which health problems need to be screened for in each breed.   OFA only gives them a number on a clearance if they are cleared and suited for breeding.  If you go to their website, you can type in any AKC registered dog's number or name to find out which official clearances has been done on any dog. (go to search OFA health on website) This should be checked and cleared on any breed of dog before breeding or spending money on a puppy.  The clearances are done to breed out problems that are inevitable in the breed if they are not purposely bred out.  Vet bills can be costly on any of these issues, so if you are spending money on a dog, you should ask for this.   If you do not care about a puppy who is bred to purposely not have breed specific problems, go to the pound and rescue a nice puppy.  So many need a good home.  I would not spend more the $800 on a puppy without official recommended breed clearances.

DNA -There are other golden retriever issues that can be bred out with a DNA sample.  If one parent is clear they cannot throw the problem, because both parents have to be carriers to throw these issues. I try to make sure at least one of the parents of each of my Breedings has been DNA tested for the DNA golden retriever panel before they are bred.  

PEDIGREES - A pedigree makes a difference of how much a dog is worth.  If there is nothing on the pedigree but names, then you have no idea what you are getting except that both parents were registered in that breed. If they have champions, it shows they have good confirmation and temperament to meet the AKC standard for the breed.  Hunting titles mean you have dogs that have excelled in hunting.... therapy titlesTherapy! etc. If they have health clearances, it gives you more peace of mind about their health.  Any two golden retriever puppies are not equal in price and risk. Do your research before purchasing a puppy.  The k9data website crashed in 2022 and it has not been updated on younger dogs. (Try clicking on the clearance numbers to go to OFA's website for official information.   I try to have links on my website for each dog but you can text me if you can't find it.  My puppies are sold with any copies of clearances, DNA, and pedigrees.

VET CHECKED - Each Puppy comes with a record from the vet clearing it for visible individual issues. 


Chapel ATT better.jpg

Possible upcoming ....

Due in April

Chapel X Burnie

Burnie 2 y poster.jpg



Due in late April

Cello X Gravy

Due is Mid May

Izabelle X Khaki


Oshie's family came from California to get him a sister.  Such a cute video of "Picking Gordie!"

Heading 3

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