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Lulu and new pups.jpg

We have several nice litters bred for pups going home in late September and all thru October.   They all came in heat together so this will be my biggest group of pups of the year.  Check out waiting list page for information on the process.  There should be plenty to pick from.

I will post pictures when they are born and stable.

All the parents have official hip heart, elbow, and eye clearances and DNA on at least one parent.

Lulu X Burnie 

Born July 21,2023

2 girls and 4 boys

6 weeks on Sept 1,2023

Lulu New pups.jpg
Burnie in barn.jpg
Lulu 4 wks.jpg
Lulu 4 w.jpg
Lulu boy 7 wk.jpg


Button w nb pups.jpg
Button newborn.jpg

Button X Burnie 

Born 8/8/23

6 girls and 3 boys

6 weeks sept 19,2023

(These are 2 of my smaller sized dogs.)

Burnie in barn.jpg


Sundae X Gravy

Born Aug 9, 2023

6 girls 4 boys

6 weeks sept 20


Gravy 2y stack best.jpg
Sundae 22w.jpg
Sundae moving outside.jpg
Sundae 4 w.jpg


Preakness X Chaplain 

Born Aug 10,2023

3 boys and 4 girls

6 weeks -Sept 21

Preakness pup 2w.jpg
Preakness nb.jpg
Preak  NB Poster.jpg
Preakness 1w.jpg


Monet X Broadway

Monet box nb.jpg
Monet nb.jpg
Monet pups 2 w.jpg
Monet pups 3w.jpg
Monet pups sleeping.jpg
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