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There are different levels of training

*For $100 We will bring your pup in the house and get it used to a crate for a week before you take it home. This helps reduce the stress of the transition into your home. When they are comfortable in the crate ahead of time, going to a new place is not as stressful. This is not always available.  









* Emilee can take them from here for basic puppy manners by the week.  704-648-3892

Other Options

* Ashley does great in home lessons and can also spend time with your puppy before it leaves here.

704 661 6365

* I can sometimes recommend trainers in other areas

* Local In-home boarding -

Call Taylor 704 604 0469

Trainers: Before signing up with a trainer, get references or watch demos.  Look for trainers who use positive reinforcement.  Good trainers will have happy dogs who are working because they want to, not because they
are being forced into it.  Training should be building a positive understanding between you and your dog. Sending your dog to a trainer without learning yourself, is like teaching them in Russian and never learning the language. 

If you are leaving your puppy for training, find out how much of the day the puppy/dog will be spending in a crate. Some trainers overuse them. Puppies need space to play and explore and should not be spending the majority of their day locked in a crate.  Also remember that you need to remind them about things like heartworm medicine and vaccines if they are due while in the trainers care.

Some of the local trainers will do a free in home Demo. This is especially good for puppies before they have their shots, who should not be out in public yet.


Some local trainers offer fully trained Seasons Gold pups.

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